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Become Guest Blogger In 10 Simple Steps that must know to every one

What is Guest Blogging?

In Guest Blogging user can write posts on Blog which is not their own to get some Backlinks.                     OR

In other words website or blogger write posts on others blog that accept guest blogging. At the end or in between post Backlinks are purposely inserted to get visitor to own blog or website of guest blogger.

Why Guest Blogging is so important for SEO?

Google ranks websites in search engine by ON page and OFF page optimization. More your blog is optimized more your site ranks high in search engine. In OFF page optimization Backlinks are 80% important.

There are various method to create backlinks like commenting, cross linking etc. As Google consider commenting and cross linking as low quality Backlinks as more likely spams are present. But Google give more points to Guest Blogging links and consider quality backlinks as compare to other Backlinks.

So you can Guess how important guest blogging for you.

How to do Guest Blogging?

Here you can learn about steps that I found need to done.

Become Guest Blogger In 10 Simple Steps That No One Knows

1) Find Blog which is related to your Blog:-

First step of which need before you start actually guest blogging. You must find Guest Blog accepting Blog and which is similar or related to your blog or website.

example:- If your blog or website is related to medicine then you can find blog which are writing about health issues and their solution.

You can easily find your related site with your keyword of blog or website following with submit or accept guest blogging term in search engine.

example: If suppose your site is about SEO then in Google search as “SEO  accepting guest blogs. ”

Find it on social sites your keyword followed by guest posts. It will help you to find some sites and having good social strength.

example: find on twitter or Facebook etc. as your “keyword + guest posts”  that’s it.

Also find Blogger activeness, their social media presence and support to guest blogger.

I think this first step is so simple and you need little time stamp to find it. It is simple step but more important as if you missed it other steps are become worthless.

2)Prepare for Guest Blogging:-

  •     Know About Blog:-

Know First the Blog where you want to write Guest post.

First read the content of the blog:- What is style of writing blog. As some blogger write entire post as whole or some write by steps or some write summery or  some blog won’t write.

Second read about their Guidelines:-What are the Guidelines are written for posting Guest post must be read for further penalties. Read whole guideline and understand it. It will tell you about how long your guest post is needed, how many backlinks are accepted per post etc.

  •    Get interacted with Blogger:-     First you need to start interaction with blogger as commenting to their posts, liking on social media etc. It will help you to get your Guest Blog accepted quickly.
  • Contact with Blogger to request for accepting Guest post:-  After done all above steps you need to tell to blogger about you are interested to guest post. Send him formal letter with information as who you are, why they accept you and what guest post include.
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Why We Need To Buy Custom Domain For Blog?

Beach walkers to the north, Wanneroo Beach

Beach walkers to the north, Wanneroo Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think many people are know little bit about custom domain and their advantages over free sub-domain. As sub-domain is safe and not required to change until you are serious about blogging. If you plan to get profit from blog and increasing traffic lot you must buy custom domain. Custom domain name is important factor for getting more traffic and branding your blog over web. Here you can get information about custom domain name in details.

When we start blogging we all get free domain name. We don’t need to pay single cent for running our domain name for lifetime. It gives this free domain name with their own sub-domain like .blogspot.com or .wordpress.com etc. Then domain name look like site name  www.yoursitename.blogspot.com or http://www.yoursitename.wordpress.com etc. 

What is custom domain name means?

STC Domain

STC Domain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Custom domain name is domain name having TLD (Top Level Domain) like  .com, .co, .me etc. Then your site custom domain name would be http://www.yoursitename.com, http://www.yoursitename.net , http://www.yoursitename.me etc. You need to pay monthly or yearly some amount to Registrars of your domain name. That amount is different among each registrar.

Important aspect you may need to know:

Domain name: Domain name is address for your website that is hosted somewhere. Domain name is like alternative name for IP address which are addressing to your blog or website. When user enter Domain name or IP address of your website on internet browsers they can access to your website pages.

TLD: The TLD(Top Level Domain) is the last part of the domain name such as .com, .co, .me etc.

The Registrars: The Registrars are the company which will provide you domain name. You can buy domain name from various registrars as depends on your choice and need. example: godaddy, wordpress, networksolutions are registrars.

The Registrant: The Registrant is a person(you) who register a domain name from registrars.

ICANN: The ICANN(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is organization that responsible for managing domain names and acts like a regulatory body.

Why we need to Buy custom domain name?

  1. For increasing search engine page rank: It is very true that ranking for sub-domain by Google and other search engines is very low as compare to custom domains. Google and other search engine sites more like custom domain to feed to their visitors. Getting rank by sub-domain in Google is more difficult and some time it become impossible for us. Ranking for sub-domain are increasing with very very slow rate compare to custom domain names sites. To get traffic by search engine and getting large new visitors for your website daily you need to buy custom domain name.
  2. Getting more Backlinks: As many times when we create Backlinks for our blog then website or blog owner don’t accept they think that it will possible that this link is dead in future and getting bad rank by google for own site or blog. Custom domain name gives trust to other site owner that you are serious about blogging and your link not dead in future.
  3. For branding your site: For Branding your blog or your products over internet you must buy custom domain name for your website. It will give value to your site.
  4. For increasing trust:  People are now not more trusting own sub-domain names. They think that this is free domain address and it can be created by anyone and can be deleted any time. They don’t trust such sites having sub-domain names. When you increase trust in peoples then more fans and subscribers are added to your blog, more your posts are shared and bookmarked. It will also increase  traffic from social networking sites. Peoples are come back for getting updates on your blogs.  
  5. For Easy to remember URL: Custom domain name is easy to remember than lengthy sub-domain  name. Visitors can easy to remember short domain name and more chances of getting back to your blog. This will increase your blog traffic and user engagement. As it will increase Page ranking and alexa ranking.
  6. For ranking high by alexa:  Alexa ranking will increase if more views are getting to your blog site. Because of custom domain as easy to remember getting more views to your website is possible. It is indirectly increasing your alexa ranking for your blog. This alexa rank growth you can show to your blog visitors that they more trust your blog and more come back to your blog.
  7. To be accepted by publisher network: Many publisher networks like chitika, Google Adsense most likely don’t accept sub-domain names. It will loose your earning revenue for your blog. Buying custom domain name will increase chances of getting approved by Google Adsense and other popular publisher networks. 
  8. Personalized Email: You can personalize your email id. You can create your own email id unlike .gmail.com and .yahoo.com. You can choose email id of your blog site. For example: username@yourblogsitename.com
  9. It cost less: For Blogger Buying new domain cost about 10$ per year as it is very less compare to buy hosting and domain name for new website. If you are using wordpress for blogging then purchase it from wordpress as only cost you 5$ for purchasing domain. 13$ charge is additional for mapping domain as both for purchased domain from wordpress or from other registrar.
  10. More chances of getting unavailable: If you have not purchased custom domain name early then more chances of getting bid by someone else. After that you can get lot of trouble to get own custom domain name.

Check my upcoming post for knowing ‘what to do for not losing your SEO and traffic after changing custom domain name.’

Which domain suitable for your blog or website?

Buying perfect domain name for our blog is very important for all. Below i have listed domain name with its meaning. By reading you can decide which domain name is perfect for your blog.

I personally recommend that to choose .com TLD for your blog. As it is more popular and people are more likely to visit on this domain. If this domain name is already purchased by someone else then you can choose TLD from below list by considering your need and blog content.

Русский: схема доменного имени

Русский: схема доменного имени (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


1. The most popular domain extension in the world.
2. It will more likely to be visited by many persons.
3. It may be registered by any person.

1. It is new domain.
2. It is simple to remember


1. This domain name is associated with informative websites.
2. It can be used for businesses, organization and individuals


1. It is an option when your .com is not available to purchase.                                          2. It is often use for internet infrastructure and related services.

.org                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              popular choice for non-commercial organizations & also used by charitable trusts.

.me                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           1.It’s the domain that’s all about you, your product, your world.                    2. It is good for personal Blogging sites created.

.mob                                                                                                        create your mobile site instantly with the free instant mobilizer included with every .mobi domain name.


creates an Indian identity on the internet


creates an american identity on the internet

1. made for business or commercial use
2. perfect for eCommerce site

official top level domain for Canada.

1.a popular domain for multimedia website.
2.good for launching your own tv channel on website

1.easy to remember
2.open for registration by anyone

Tips to be remember:

1. Purchase and mapping your custom domain early: 

Try to purchase your own custom domain name as early as possible for saving your time for rearranging all social sites, feed burner and important Backlinks source with new URL. As more your late for purchasing custom domain more likely to increase time consuming for maintain SEO after buying custom domain.

2. Use similar domain name for your blog: 

You can find similar domain name for your blog. Means as for this blog domain name should be buyviewers.me or buyviewer.com etc. It can not be  tricks.com or something else. As it will change meaning of our blog.

3. Choose perfect custom domain TLD( Top Level Domain):

choose perfect custom domain TLD that is more likely describing your blog content to visitors. They make sense to visitors that what they will find in this website. For example for eCommerce site .org extension is wrong choice because it is used for non- profit organization. You can try for .biz or .com TLD.

4. Keep Safe from Domain name expiration:

You can choose auto renew option for paying your next domain name year rent directly for your balance to keep safe your domain name. If this facility is not provided by registrar then you can manually pay your fee on time and don’t loose your domain name.

5. Update your custom link all over:

You can update your custom domain name link all over like feed burner, social networking sites, google analytic, pinterest, yahoo etc. Update links and make sure that changing link doesn’t affect badly to your blog. You can check upcoming post for getting help for this point.

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Get Website or Blog Traffic From Google Plus+

Grow traffic with Google Plus+


Here you will get all the information needed to grow your blog or website traffic. Google Plus+ is part of Google and it is good social networking sites ever to rank high your blog or website on Google search engine. As Google Search Engine is best search engine used by millions of user. Getting traffic by Google is much easier and more compare to other methods to grow website or blog traffic.

Getting traffic from search engine like Google is also important for the user who earn money by affiliate programs like amazon, clickbank, adsense or else. Because regular visitors to your blog or website are knowing about your ads and they just not interested to click on that. Traffic from search engine is useful because more maximum people have not seen any ads or any affiliate link before and more chances of getting click by them.

Google Plus+ social networking site has plus (+) Button as similar to like button on Facebook.  In Google Plus+ adding peoples on circle is like adding friends on Facebook.

Why to use Google Plus+ to grow traffic to our blog or website?

Google Plus+ is part of Google and Google will rank high to website or blog having higher circle on Google Plus+.

When a person searches for anything on Google they can also see your profile photo, images and video on your Google plus+ account. When people see your photo on search engine then people who are your friends or clients or familiar to you are willing to click on your link to see your content. Also many users like to click on links having some photos or video are attached to it.

google plus search

Google search engine also showing your Google plus+ circle strength and recommendation. It will increases trust to your blog or website visitors that it is good to spend time to see your blog or website. Also it is important for any business website to grow because people really pay more attention if they see your social strength also. As in above image you can see that person profile photo just show on when searching on Google.

How to grow website or blog traffic by Google Plus+?

The steps to grow website or blog traffic are listed below one by one. Apply each factor to grow your traffic.

1.Google Plus+ profile:

Create a good profile is necessary for impressing to profile visitors. You must use keywords related to your blog or website content on Google plus+ profile.  Your profile photo must be your own or your blog or company logo.  Description of Google Plus+ profile must include your blog or website short description and link to it.

2.Grow Circle:


Google-Plus-Circles-575×323 (Photo credit: Ahmed ZiZoo)

In Google plus large number of follower is very necessary to grow your traffic to your blog or website. More your large circle more chances that peoples willing to click on your link when see on search engine. So put some efforts to grow your circle.

It is very necessary to have large Google Plus+ network to grow your blog or website traffic.  To grow your Google plus circle you must add your friends, family on your network. You can create your own Google plus page and add badge on your website or blog. Become follower to other Google plus+ circle similar to your blog or website content. Ask them to add your circle too. It is like becoming do followers.

3.Share your website or blog content:

 Sharing your blog or website content regularly with Google Plus+ is very necessary to grow your blog or website traffic. It also engage your Google Plus+ follower to your topic. While sharing your content and information you must take care about using keywords with each sharing. Also put link to your blog or website.

Your keyword are must be that which you want to rank high on Google. Choosing best keyword is very important. Using correct keywords you can rank high your blog or website soon on search engine.

4. Add Google +1 and Add to circle button:

You must add +1 button and Add to circle button your blog or website. It will increase your traffic and adding more peoples on your circle.
5.Use Authorship:

You can tag your content by using Google plus. All content on internet are spread as your own content. When other peoples are searching for you then they can see your all content to them. How to use authorship can be seen on my upcoming posts.     

6. Create your Google plus+ Page:

You can also create your company or website or blog page on Google plus like Facebook page. It will definitely grate tool to engage your visitors to get updated information about your blog or website. It is very good opportunity for eCommerce website to grow their business over internet. If you familiar about Facebook page then creating Google Plus+ page is very easy to you.

7. Use Events:

google plus event


You can use event to invite peoples for your product launch or any exhibition of products event with just putting one picture and sharing over world. It will increase your business and grow your website or blog traffic. It is mostly suitable for eCommerce sites and any business related websites.

8. Join to communities:

You can join to Google plus+ communities. It will help you to find and grow peoples just interested in what type of interest your blog or website have. You can add peoples that are similar interest as same as your blog or website.
9. Use Hangouts:

As Hangout is a video chatting facility provided by Google plus+. You can chat with maximum 9 friends at a time. The best thing is that this is totally free to use.

Here you have chance of growing your business or website or blog newest update discuss with 9 friends or clients at one time by video chatting. It will save time to discuss with each person individually. It is useful for solving any business issues. You can engage persons more by video chatting than text messages.
10.Use of hash tag:

hash tag in google plus

I am totally curious when I have seen first time peoples sharing are done with use of hash tag on Google plus+. As you know hash tag is used to get traffic to any keyword followed by hash symbol in twitter. Google plus+ is also giving much importance to hash tag. You can use hash tag when you share contents with your followers.

For example:

For my blog ‘website traffic’ is keyword then hash tag will be #website #traffic.

When user search for ‘website traffic’ word then hash tag (#website & #traffic) will help to rank high on Google plus+ for that keyword ‘website traffic’.

Tips to be Remember:

1. It require time: 

Getting huge traffic from Google plus+ require time and your continuous efforts. Never give up while doing your work.

2. Picture and video speak more:

You can add more pictures and video related to your blog or website topic. peoples more like to see video and pictures than bunch of texts. It will address to your blog or website content. You can create your own video by using screen recorder or anything else.

3. Respond to followers:

You must respond to your followers that commenting to your updates, click on +1 button to your shares and more engage in your topic. You must reply to comments to your shares. It will increase relationship with those persons and they attracting more to your blog or website.

4. Fill more description as possible:

You can add more description as possible about your website or blog or business. You can add details of your business, products that you can offer. It will make sense to your Google plus followers that what they will get on your blog or website.

5. Track your Google plus+ shares:

In Google plus+  you can track how many people are sharing your share by “Ripples”. By using this tool you can examine that you are going toward your goal or not.

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How to build backlinks suitable for Google Penguin

This is really good post written by linksbuild.


As we knew, on April 2012 Google have made some change with their search algorithm, old algorithm is Google Panda was replaced by new search algorithm is Google Penguin and this new search algorithm tell us that we must have some change in backlink building strategy. In this post, we will say about the new methods in backlink building suitable with new algorithm and hope this post will help you some helpful thing in developing your site.

Natural backlink should be big proportion

 What is natural backlink? This is the backlinks which are created naturally like someone refer to you or a short comment about your and link to your site is under natural anchor text such as read more, click here, see more…That mean these backlinks is not backinks with perfect keywords. The natural backlink should be 60 percent in total.

Diversify content of backlink, diversify anchor text

View original post 293 more words

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Get Website or Blog Traffic From LinkdeIn

Getting Website or Blog traffic from LinkedIn is very easy method than other social networking sites.

This is icon for social networking website. Th...

This is icon for social networking website. This is part of Open Icon Library’s webpage icon package. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is third world largest using social networking site used by peoples. Alexa rank for LinkedIn is 14. LinkedIn is also grate tool to get free website or blog traffic. This site is most look like for business and job seekers. Now days most Website owner and Blogger are not interested in LinkedIn to get traffic. But really it is very easy and fun of getting visitor from LinkedIn.

Why to use LinkedIn?

VReel Traffic

VReel Traffic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In LinkedIn getting traffic is more targeted than other social networking sites. You only need to connect peoples with similar business or blog topics like. You can choose groups and create group that is related to your blog or website. Making clicks on your update on groups is more targeted to your website or blog because users already have similar interest.

How to use LinkedIn to get website or blog traffic?

 1. Create A LinkedIn Profile

Linkedin unavail

Linkedin unavail (Photo credit: bertboerland)

Create a professional and well maintained profile. Your profile will tell your network about your quality and your skills. So give little bit time to create a good profile. Upload an interesting and nice photo of yourself on profile.

Your profile can be created related to your website or blog goal in mind. You can try to mention similar experience, skills and achievement you have done. It will motivate others to visit your website or blog.

You can put your blog or website link on your profile so they will find your website or blog.

 2. Increase your network

English: Where's the traffic?

English: Where’s the traffic? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You must invite new peoples on your network and your own group. As many peoples are connected to you more chances of getting visited your blog or site.

3. Create A LinkedIn Group

In LinkedIn you can create your own Group to get more clicks to your blog or website link. While creating group you must choose relevant logo and group name as your blog or website. It will help other peoples to know what they find in your group.

Main advantage of own group is your updates are quickly shown as not need to approve as like joined to other group. Other advantage of your own group is that you can send announcement to all members of group each week.  But I suggest using this announcement when you really have grate posted in blog or grate content updated on website.

4. Join A LinkedIn Group

You can join other peoples group similar to topic on blog or website. After joining to new groups you can get increased your audience. You can update your link (blog/website) with group members. It is very useful for beginner in LinkedIn.

5.Share on Groups


Sharing (Photo credit: bengrey)

You must share new link of blog post or website updated content with some text telling about what they find after clicking. You can share your link over your own group and selected other groups. You can also share it on your own network also to get more audience. Don’t share your updates many times on single group or network. If you are doing this group member just leave your group.

6. Create company page

You can create LinkedIn company page to get more professional way to attract audience. This page show your company overall information. You can update your company page regularly to get traffic to your blog or website.

7.Use LinkedIn share Button


Come-onlet’s-share-logo1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can add LinkedIn share button on your blog or website. It will useful that when your visitor is click on button your post is shared across visitor’s network also. It will increase chances that clicked by them.

8.Comment to others update

You can comment other people question or discussion on your own group or other group. Because of valuable comments comment viewer can get interested in visiting your website or blog.

 9.Advertise with LinkedIn

Advertising vs PR

Advertising vs PR (Photo credit: Intersection Consulting)

You can also get more traffic from LinkedIn just by placing ads by LinkedIn. Advertisement on LinkedIn is low as compare to other social networking sites.

Tips to remember:

  1. Don’t spam:
    no spam!

    no spam! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Don’t request or give burden on people to click on your link. Just be active on LinkedIn and share new information and your blog or website link. If you spam many time you get banned from other group and if it is your group then group members start leaving your group.

  2. Not each time try share link of your blog or website. You can also can comment poll topic and become friendly. It will increase your popularity on LinkedIn.
  3. It takes time to see result. So be patient while doing your work on LinkedIn.
  4. Update your profile when new experience, skills etc. you get. Also change your profile photo after long time.
  5. Track your own group by group state as it will give you clear information that you are going correct or not.
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Get Website or Blog traffic From Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pinterest is another social networking sites. It ranks in social networking sites fourth. You can use Pinterest to get website or blog traffic. Pinterest is good for promoting your business and very good way for ecommerce. It is also very useful for getting website or blog traffic and ranking high on google serach engine.

What is Pin it?

When you click Pinterest pin button on your blog or website. It will pin your video or photo on Pinterest board. You can see all video and photo that you have pin on your board. You can also upload your own video or photo and click on pin it from Pinterest website. All you need is Pinterest account.

What is repin?

When you click on others blog or website and click on pin it button as your are repin photo or video to your pinterest board. When in pinterest website you click pin it on any video or photo from other pinterest board then it is called as repin.

Why Pinterest is useful to get website traffic?

Pinterest featue in Metro - 27th February 2012

Pinterest featue in Metro – 27th February 2012 (Photo credit: Great British Chefs)

Pinterest is fourth mostly used social networking sites and have larger users you can find here. In Pinterest for ecommerce websites it is very good option to promote business. Here you can upload your product photo and video.

Pinterest is social networking

site but it is different from other social networking sites as it can use board having photos and video to pine it. That photo and video you can use for getting website or blog traffic. It is also useful for other blogger and website owner rather than ecommerce to get large traffic. The best thing in Pinterest is that getting visitors to your link is very large than your followers list and it is very easy to attract Pinterest people to visit our website or blog by awesome photo and video. You only need to be smart and creative while pin photo and video.

How to use Pinterest to get website or Blog traffic?

Here I am listing steps that you use for getting tons of users to your blog or website.

  1. Create a Board:

Create you Board with small Description about your board. You can update your all your boards for giving fresh view always to your audience.

2.   Use pin of your own:

Pinterest 404ed link from homepage

Pinterest 404ed link from homepage (Photo credit: iamdez)

In Pinterest to get better traffic pin your own website or blog photo and video is good than repin others. As repin is another grate tool but you can also be pin your own website or blogs content to generate trend. It will useful further as your pin are then repin by others.

While pin by uploading photo and video you must put link for that to your blog or website related to that pin. By default Pinterest don’t provide link if your uploading as it will redirect to dead link. If you are pin directly from website or blog it is more chance that have link back to website or blog but check it.

3.   Follow others:

follow my leader

follow my leader (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)

You can follow other peoples having similar business or website topics. As following them also useful as some users are do follow and more chances that there followers are attract to us. If suppose you are selling food then you can follow people who are teaching peoples which food are better for their health.

4.   Relationship with followers:

follow me

follow me (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)

Like most social networking sites you must keep relationship with all your followers, users that are repin your pin, sharing you pin. You must give thanks and appreciate for their support. It is grate way to keep interest among peoples.

5.   Create a contest and offers:

You can create contest and offers are grate way to get new customer or visitors to your website or blog. If you have eCommerce website then you can offer customer discount on product you’re selling.

6.   Pin it button on your website or blog:

You must put pin it button on your blog or website. This button provides easy to pin your photo or video on your blog or website to your Pinterest board by you or your visitors. You must use pin photo or video related to your blog or website. It will give users what they are thinking and not they think it is a spam.

7.   Use short and interesting description:

You must give short description and it must be interesting enough to read by users. You’re description to pin give information to audience about what they will find after visiting on this pin link.

8.   Repin others:

You can also repin others pin. So there are more chances that your post is repin by them. Also peoples are love to visit cool and interesting pin so it will also increase traffic to your board also.

9.   Use hash tag


hashtags (Photo credit: halfbrown)

As has tag is any word you want to rank first in Pinterest. Only use that word which is related to your blog or website. As for my blog it should be #website #blog #traffic etc. ( Tip: In pinterest now hash tag is not supported. But soon it is supported by Pinterest. )

10. Verify your website or blog with Pinterest:

English: The three biggest web search engines

English: The three biggest web search engines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Verifying your Blog or website with Pinterest is useful for SEO. As Pinterest provide way to add your blog or website on their database like google and other search engines. You must see my upcoming post for getting information about how to verify your blog or website and their use for getting traffic.

Tips To Remember:

1.    Never Give up:

give up

give up (Photo credit: abradyb)

Like blogging it is hard for some peoples to get traffic from pinterest. But you must try it long time. I am sure that you will see difference after couple of days.

2.   Link your Pins:

Many time users forgot to link pin photo or video to their blog or website. You can recheck after pin it any content about link.

3.   Use keyword wisely:

You can use keywords in description as it is useful to rank your link in Google and peinterest for that word.

4.   Follow successful persons:

You must see what other successful peoples are doing to get traffic to there blog or website. It is grate method to learn for beginner. You can learn many thing just by examining what they do to become successful at Pinterest.

5.   Pin regularly:

You must pin regularly to give audience fresh content always. It will increase your audience attention to your link and attract other users.

6.   Be creative:


Creativity (Photo credit: deichgnu)

Keep in mind what other peoples love to see for your topic related to your blog or website. You’re pin are must be interesting enough as inspire people to click on. It will increase chance that repin by others.

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